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In the next 10 years: China's tissue paper industry golden period of development

From:Paper Expo China            Date:2012-2-16



At present, China''s paper consumption is still in the life of the lower level of per capita paper consumption is only equivalent to the United States, 1 / 10. According to statistics, from 1990 to 2003, China''s consumption of toilet paper an average annual increase of 11%. In the next 10 years, China will become the life of the world''s fastest-growing consumption of paper, the development of market potential.

In the Oct. 10 meeting of the "2004 Forum on Paper" meeting, the Chinese director of the academic committee of the Institute of Paper Mr. Yang Maoxian, introduced life notion of the paper. Paper, including two categories, namely the packaging is paper, and the other is the health of paper. Health paper can be broken down into the kitchen paper, toilet paper, paper napkin, tissues, women''s sanitary napkins, baby products such as Niaodian.

The forum focused on the health of the paper. Director Yang said, do not look down on the toilet paper consumption, with economic development, improvement of people''s lives, to raise the level of civilization and has a close relationship. Chinese consumption of toilet paper in 1990 from 680,000 tons in 2003 increased to 3,100,000 tons, with an average annual growth rate of 11%. In 2003, the total output of toilet paper to 2,370,000 tons, representing 9.7% growth in 2002, its production and consumption is basically synchronized with the GDP growth indicates that China''s consumption of toilet paper is with economic development and improve the quality of life and growth year after year.

Siam Yang said that according to industry forecasts that by 2020, the United States, Europe, the consumption level of Chinese paper show the three pillars of power. This toilet paper industry in China left a huge space for development and a bright future.


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