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Paper Packing Will Replace Plastic Packing in The Future

From:Guangdong Paper Association            Date:2016-1-11


In the industrial system of modern packing. Paper and paper container has played an crucial role. In China, paper packing makes up to 40% of the total amount of packing material, which is going to increase from the trend.

Paper packing will replace plastic packing in food in the future.

It is reported that the amount of plastic using in the food packing has up to 25% in the total amount of plastic. We can say that once there is plastic using in food packing, rubbish will appear. In some supermarkets or hypermarkets, most food packing is made pf plastic, such as the puffed food which uses plastic sir-filled packing to be moistureproof, anti-oxidation, flavor-keeping and sunny-protecting, but will cause a waste of packing material. In addition, the plastic packing of instant noddles is more than the paper packing bowl which is of 1/3 price higher than the plastic one, but it’s more convenient and popular especially on the outside.

As the requirements to the environment is higher, it is necessary to obsolete the outdated packing and the improvement of the plastic packing should be put into the first place. To separate the food, those with paper packing should use the paper packing material as many as possible to weaken the damage of the waste of plastic packing and the pollution to the environment, which can bring benefit to our offspring.

How does paper packing come back?

As the rapid development of the food industry in China and such prospective model in packing industry as circular economy, industrialization of recycling of packing material, green packing material and packing basic industry, they have provided a unlimited opportunities for the development of paper packing.

The future packing world belongs to paper packing to some extent as the paper packing technologies will be widely used in packing industry and green packing will be the future trend in baking food industry. Paper material can generate more reproducible source and be reused more environmentally. That’s the charm of paper material.

With the same quality of most products, packing has become the third vital elements of sales and brands after the products quality, after-sales service. Originally with function of protecting, conveniently using, packing has gradually developed to increase the products value, build up the brands and promote the sales. What’s more, packing design has become the indispensable part of promoting strategy. As the top of four packing materials, paper packing is becoming changeable and creative with development of paper material and process technology.

D+B Expo is the first professional platform for the food manufacturers and packing industry

As one of the core activities of Paper Expo in Guangzhou, D+B Expo 2016 will take place from May 19-21,2016 in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. It is aimed at excellent designs and professional material selecting, presenting baking food, dairy products, refined tea, health care food, agricultural and sideline products, fruit and vegetable, drinks, tobacco and candy with special designs and packing. 

D+B Expo will attract the producing, processing corporations, importers, exporters and distributors to select and match the packing design, suppliers of packing products. It is a professional platform for the packing design corporations and packing corporations to communicate and cooperate from design, packing to food.

The baking exhibition is held at the same time with D+B Expo, which will attract some experts from baking food industry. At present, the recruitment and promotion of D+B Expo is on the way, we are looking forward to your joining. 


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