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Three topic functions are most popular in Paper Expo China 2012

From:Vincy            Date:2012-2-15


The 2012 2nd China Guangzhou Life paper and one-off used paper exhibition (shorten by Guangzhou International Life paper Exhibition) will be opened in Gunagzhou Pazhou on18-20 July, 2012 with the purpose Promote the Stable Development of the Chinese Life Paper Market, Build the Market of the Chinese and Asian Life Paper.
The three days’ exhibition will attract the enterprises from German, Switzerland, Holland, Philippines, Hong Kong, Tai Wan, and China and so on to take part in. During the time they will show visitors the newest products of the life paper, the raw material and the related technique. This exhibition, with the enterprises, traders, on-line traders, machines and suppliers for the raw material getting together in the 12000m⒉, is fester of the technique and the product of the life paper.
When enterprises show the products and exchange the technique, 2012 Guangzhou International Life paper Exhibition will hold three topical functions to let the enterprises have a good communication, which has already attracted attentions.
The first Function: the selecting for the best life paper and one-used off shops in 2011
Gain what you make. Which ones are the best shops? Guangzhou International Life paper Exhibition will choose it fairly from ten aspects like service, market, logistic, management of the funds, team building and so on together with five paper industries parties, which will show the all aspects of the best shops.
The best 25 funding shops show you the most leading shop.
The best 25 team building shops show you the star team building shop.
The best 25 newest shops show you the most unexpected shop.
The best 25 brand shops show you the most likeable shop.
The second Function: the extension-shop meeting of the Chinese life paper and one-used paper product
According to the different marketing requirements of the extension shops, foundation of the member, development and different stages of the maturity, the 2012 Guangzhou International Life paper Exhibition will invite the famous experts to have a talk about the training, making decision, improving the ability and promoting the enterprise’ advantage, in order to get the development of the extension-shop or joint member.
The third Function: 2012 communication of the Guangdong Province life paper and one-used products
The meeting will invite the life paper and one-used products enterprises, suppliers of the raw material and machines and the market researching institutes from China and abroad to have a talk about the trend of the market and the product development, the innovation and the supplying of the raw material and the development of this industry.
The last successful Guangzhou International Life paper Exhibition wins the praise by its professional service, popularization and the huge exhibition. 2012 Guangzhou International Life paper Exhibition will be changed to Guangzhou Pazhou, which can provide a wider space for showing and development. It’s expected that this exhibition will be the selected platform for the enterprise to show their new product and attract joint-members, which is the most professional feaster in the life paper industry.


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